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Dec 31, 2018

Testing the forum

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  • How to remove Toner Cartridge in M10w when you take it out of the box, before you plug it in.  The simple answer is - just plug it in, turn it on and the flaps go down!  From the HP community forum: Product: HP Laserjet M102W Just got a brand new HP Laserjet M102W. Tried to pull our the toner cartridge but even with some force it does not come out. 1. Pulling it out straight away isn't possible since there are 2 flexible flaps at each end. 2. Moved the flexible flaps upwards and the toner seems on its way out. However, I can't take the risk to pull it out with force in case the 2 flexible flaps break. I searched videos online & read the instructions manual. Nothing! Problem Solved. The flaps which blocked the toner when pulling it out, went down after the printer completed its first boot cycle. What is disgraceful is that this is nowhere mentioned in the manuals as well as on HP website!
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