Site Contributor Help

How do I edit text or add documents to a page?

Once you have created your page, you can add various elements to that page. You can add a title or some text. To edit existing text, select the page, then click in the text and click Edit Text. You can also add documents. To do this, in the site editor, click Add, click More and scroll down to Document Buttons. Select the type of document you want to add. Drag the button to your page. Choose Docs will open.
If you have a number of documents, click Add New Folder and type a name for your folder. Click on the name. It is best to add documents of one type at a time so that you don't have to edit the type icon later. Upload the documents you want to add. Select the document by clicking it and you will see a checkmark in the upper right corner. Click Add to Page. You will return to your page. Arrange the documents by dragging them around. You will see red grid lines to help you line them up. For each document, click the Settings gear. Enable Show the Title. Enter an appropriate title. Note that the title appears on a single line so short is better. When you are finished with adds and edits, you MUST publish the site for the edits to appear.

How do I add a page to the web site?

Using the URL, Sign In to your contributor account. This is NOT the same as your member account on
Select Site Actions > Edit Site
Click Menus and Pages, the top link on the left side
Click + Add Page
Enter the name for your page
If this page is to be visible only to some people, click the 3 dots to the left of the page name and select settings. Click Permissions. Select who should see the page. You can select Members Only, or if you want the page to be available to anyone with a password, select Password Holders and then enter the password. WRITE DOWN the password as it cannot be retrieved. Note that Members Only control can be restricted to certain members, and if you want to use this, please contact the webmaster for help. (If you don't know the webmaster, use the Contact page to send a message.)
Drag-and-drop your page into the Site Menu where you want the page to appear. If you want help determining this, contact the webmaster.
With yo ur page highlighted in the Site Menu, click the X in the upper right corner of the Site Menu window. You should now see your new empty page.
Add a title to the page: Click + Add. Drag and drop Add Heading 1 to your page. Move the heading to where you want to place it, then click Edit Text to change your heading.
Use + Add to add additional content to the page such as more text, images, or documents. See the Help entry on documents for more help for that function.
When you are done editing, you can click Preview to see how the site will now appear. When you are satisfied with your ed
its, click Publish to add your new content to the web site. If you decide to not include your new page, click Menus and Pages and delete the new page. Then click Save. If this all seems too complicated, ask the webmaster to create the page for you. You can then edit it to add or change your content.