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Sonoma and Napa counties - District 10

The AARP Foundation's Tax-Aide program does tax return preparation, including electronic filing, for free. There is no income limit, and though we focus on low-to-moderate income households headed by someone 50 years and older, we do not have an age limit - if you're under 50, you're still very welcome to use our services. AARP membership is not required.

As of March 13th, at the direction of our national headquarters, we have suspended our services at all of our ten sites in Sonoma County, and at our one site in Napa County.

Please note that the federal and state filing deadlines have changed for this year. They are now both on July 15th, rather than April 15th. That means that if you have not yet filed your taxes, you have an additional three months to do so.

(If you make federal estimated tax payments, quarterly, your first quarter payment, normally due April 15th, is also now due by July 15th. However, your second quarter payment is still due by June 15th. For California state estimated payments, both the first and second payments are now due by July 15th.)   


If you had an appointment at one of our sites, we will call you to confirm that we have cancelled your appointment. We will call you again once we are operational. Our reopening will depend on decisions at the national, state, and local levels of our program about when conditions are safe for reopening, as well as when local facilities reopen.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this closure causes all of those who use our service and have not yet had their taxes completed. This closure is for your safety as well as ours, and the safety of everyone that our volunteers and clients might come into contact with.


We will change this announcement once we begin offering service again, at one or more sites. In addition, you can check with the library, senior center, community center, or other facility where we offer our service, once they reopen, to learn whether they expect Tax-Aide service to resume at their location, and if so, when. Those phone numbers are:

* Cloverdale Senior Center - (707) 894-4826

* Franklin Park Clubhouse - (707) 327-2401 (a Tax-Aide number, the main number for our district)

* Healdsburg Regional Library - (707) 433-3772

* Napa Methodist Church - (707) 492-5430 (appointments line)

* Oakmont Village Berger Center - (707) 539-1611

* Petaluma Community Center - (707) 778-4380

* Rincon Valley Regional Library - (707) 537-0162

* Rohnert Park Senior Center - (707) 585-6780

* Sebastopol Center for the Arts - Veterans Building - (707) 829-4797

* Sonoma Valley Regional Library - (707) 996-5217

* Windsor Senior Center - (707) 838-1250


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