Sonoma and Napa counties - District 10

The AARP Foundation's Tax-Aide program does tax return preparation, including electronic filing, for free. There is no income limit, and though we focus on low-to-moderate income households headed by someone 50 years and older, we do not have an age limit - if you're under 50, you're still very welcome to use our services. AARP membership is not required.

We will not be conducting our summer/fall Tax Clinic this year, and we do not know of any other face-to-face or dropoff service in Sonoma or Napa counties that is open and provides such tax preparation services for free. Also, the two free online options that previously were available have both closed as of mid-October.

Note: because of the wildfires in Northern California, taxpayers in eight counties, including Sonoma County, now have until December 31st to file taxes - both federal and state - without a late-filing penalty, if they filed a request for extension by July 15. 


Note: if you have a filing requirement, and think that you owe a significant amount of money, we strongly recommend that you file as soon as possible, even though the July 15th deadline has passed. The sooner you file, the lower any penalty and interest will be. Even if you can't pay in full, it's still better to file than to not file. You can purchase tax-preparation software, pay a professional to prepare your tax returns, or fill out tax forms by hand.

>> You probably have a filing requirement if your non-Social Security income is greater than $12,000 (single) or greater than $24,000 (married filing jointly).

>> You definitely have a filing requirement if you have self-employment income and your net income from self-employment (net after business expenses) is more than $400.


>> However, if your tax return results in you owing no taxes, or getting a refund, there is no penalty, and no interest charges regardless of when you file. If you got a refund when you filed your 2018 tax returns, and your 2019 income, adjustments, credits, and expenses have changed very little, then one option is to wait until the 2021 tax season to file your taxes and get your refund.

We apologize for the inconvenience that our closures have caused those who use our service and did not yet have their taxes completed. The closures were for your safety as well as ours, and the safety of everyone that our volunteers and clients might come into contact with. We will again offer our services when the 2021 tax season arrives (February 1st), though we are not sure exactly in what form. We will update this page when we know more.


If you have any questions on the above, or any tax-related questions, please call 707-327-2401 and leave a message. 


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