Sonoma and Napa counties - District 10

The AARP Foundation's Tax-Aide program does tax return preparation, including electronic filing, for free. There is no income limit, and though we focus on low-to-moderate income households headed by someone 50 years and older, we do not have an age limit - if you're under 50, you're still very welcome to use our services. AARP membership is not required.

We do not expect to be able to reopen any Tax-Aide site in Sonoma or Napa counties before the filing deadline of July 15, 2020. Accordingly, we are recommending that taxpayers who have not yet filed their tax returns find another way to get their taxes prepared and filed before July 15th.

We are not aware of any other free tax preparation service in Sonoma County. Your options are to either (a) pay to have your taxes prepared by someone else, or (b) prepare your own tax return. If you want to do the second of these, we strongly recommend that you do so online. 


We are not able to recommend any specific paid tax preparer. If you plan to go that route, we suggest that you talk to friends and neighbors to see if they have any suggestions.


If you are interested in doing your own taxes online, you can do that at no cost, and with a Tax-Aide volunteer providing assistance, if you choose. More information is here. (To be provided with assistance while you do your taxes online, click on "Get Tax Prep Help".)


We apologize for the inconvenience that our closures have caused those who use our service and did not yet have their taxes completed when we closed on March 13th. The closures were for your safety as well as ours, and the safety of everyone that our volunteers and clients might come into contact with. We hope to be able to offer our services as normal when the 2021 tax season arrives.

Finally, please note that if you make federal estimated tax payments, quarterly, your first quarter payment, normally due April 15th, is also now due by July 15th. And your second quarter payment, previously due by June 15th, is also due on July 15th. For California state estimated payments, both the first and second payments are now due by July 15th.)   


If you have any questions on the above, please call 707-327-2401 and leave a message. 


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