TC: Technology Coordinator Reference Manual

All changes are highlighted in the document. The major changes are updates to recommended security templates, print sets and return tags. There are relatively minor editorial changes throughout the document.

This is the base version of the TC Reference Manual for tax year 2017. It incorporates the latest information available from AARP documents, TaxSlayer documentation, TaxSlayer presentations and TaxSlayer blog posts. Unfortunately, it is still based on TaxSlayer 2016. The 2017 version of the Practice lab is due for release in mid November. The 2017 version of Taxslayer Pro is scheduled for release in late November. When those become available, I will update the document and release a new version.

In the mean time, as always, I am soliciting comments. Send them to rlfranc@comcast,net.
Bob Francis

This is the initial release of the CA2 TC and ERO Reference Manual. It is basically a clean up of the 2018 manual with some reformatting in Section 8. Due to the computer refresh currently underway by AARP Tax-Aide and the switch from Windows to Chromebook computers there are several computer specific sections that can not be updated until the new computers arrive.

Please send any comments to me,

Bob Francis


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